About the historical and picturesque town Nerja

Nerja is a cosmopolitan town located on the southern tip of the Costa del Sol, about 50 kilometers south of Malaga. According to the 2011 National Statistics of Spain’s data, the town currently has a population of more than 22,000 people. Nerja has a long and fascinating history that is evidenced through the treasured primitive paintings discovered in 1959 in the legendary Nerja caves as well as remains of what are believed to be ancient inhabitants of the town. The caves, located just about three kilometers from the town center now serve as the main tourist attraction.

Other amazing tourist spots in Nerja

Nerja is famed for its eye-catching sceneries, some with equally interesting histories. The Balcón de Europa, which is squarely in the middle of the town, is the most idyllic spot to get to view the sweeping panorama of the town, the sea and incredible milieu of misty mountains. The name is attributed to King Alfonso XII who visited in 1885 after a catastrophic earthquake, and mesmerized by the sceneries, said “this is the balcony of Europe”. As a result, the authorities erected a full-size and currently highly photographed statue of the king.

Other than the Nerja caves and the Balcon de Europa, the town also prides of other striking sceneries like the Aqueduct that was built in the 19thcentury, the 17th century-built Church El Salvador and Baroque Hermitage of Las Angustias.

Economic activities

Nerja was anciently a fishing village, but today, locals mainly rely on cash crop farming, especially of semi-tropical fruits like papaya, mango and avocado. These have recently replaced sugarcane farming; in fact, Nerja is one of the biggest producers of avocado in Europe today.

Booming tourism in Nerja

The picturesque town attracts troupes of tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer. There are numerous well kept and pristine sandy beaches beneath the cliff loved by holiday makers, especially for relaxing leisure walks. Moreover, the picturesque mountainous landscape of the Sierra Tejeda and Sierra de Almijara are just mesmerizing to look at.

The town is also the main Scuba diving centre at costa del sol, but is also ideal for an array of other water sports like jet skiing, swimming and sailing.

Essential tourism facilities in Nerja

To accommodate the high number of visitors that flock this breathtaking town annually, especially in the summer, there are numerous hotels in Nerja, bungalows, resorts and an array of other essential tourism facilities. There is a plethora of cafes and restaurants in town, serving a broad range of delicacies and cocktails. Also available are horse drawn carriages that are best preferred by lovers to various romantic destinations. There is so much to do and see on your Nerja visit. Plan your trip and explore this heaven of tranquility and comfort.




Winter. Brrrr….

Yes yes, we know it’s still August. But have you been outside recently?

Well, if you’re here in Nerja you’d have had a lovely time. During the day it’s currently hovering at around 30 degrees Centigrade, with a gentle breeze coming in from the cobalt blue Mediterranean Sea. There’s nary a cloud in the sky. In the evenings, happy holidaymakers sip cocktails in the balmy warmth of yet another beautiful Mediterranean late summer. Freezers groan under the responsibility of having to create enough ice.

Further North…

If you’re in Stockholm, you’ll have noticed that the temperature during the day is struggling to reach 17 degrees. At night, it dips to 12 degrees, or lower. Good luck with those cocktails. There’s always a bright side: you won’t need so much ice. Better for the environment. Yay. Go, Stockholm. We owe you one.

Your reward for protecting the environment…

We can’t help but feel sorry for you northern Europeans here in Nerja. Not just you Swedes, but those of you from all over Scandinavia. And Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands. And Manchester. Perhaps especially Manchester. So we’ve put together a winter offer, just for you. It’s not quite ready yet. But it’s going to be good.

Nerja in Winter

‘Winter’ is a bit of a misnomer, to be honest. We don’t get a winter here, not like you northern Europeans would know it. Average temperature in January is about 16 degrees Centigrade during the day. It gets cooler at night. You will probably need a jacket, unless you’re from Newcastle. In which case a short-sleeved shirt will be entirely adequate.

Even if it’s a little on the cool side, chances are it’ll be sunny. We get 300 days of sunshine a year. 300. How do you like them apples?

What do I do? What do I do?

What you do, is keep your eyes peeled on this blog for details of our winter offer. It’s coming. You do not need to suffer the apocalyptic chill of a Scandinavian winter if you don’t want to. Well, you can have a week or two off, at least. We’re looking out for you, here at the Hotel Los Arcos, so keep checking in, and you will be rewarded.

First choice hotel: Los Arcos in Nerja

We’ve another guest review for you this week. Yes, that’s right. It’s a quiet week here in Nerja. Well apart from the hordes of very happy holidaymakers. We’ve no big party or festival to announce this week, so we’ve given this space over to a guest who wanted to spread the word to fellow travellers, in the hope that they might find the same joy that he did, in this lovely hotel in this wonderful town.

First choice hotel: Los Arcos in Nerja

I’d never heard of Nerja, but I had a friend who told me he’d been there years ago and said it was really nice. I wanted somewhere a little bit different to take the family for a summer vacation, and thought Nerja might fit the bill. There’s me, my wife and our three kids, so I wanted somewhere that wouldn’t be too expensive to get to. Luckily, Nerja is really close to Malaga airport, and we were able to get return flights that left a bit in the bank for actually enjoying the holiday.

My friend couldn’t remember where he’d stayed, so I had a look on TripAdvisor and found the Hotel Los Arcos. I liked the fact that it was family run, and that it had a self-catering apartment. That meant that all of us could stay in the same room, in effect, and we wouldn’t need to eat out every night.

When we arrived, we were immediately impressed by the friendliness of the service. We were even more impressed by the fact that the self-catering apartment is accessed via the pool area but is also totally private. I have to admit, the apartment and the pool are so nice that there were a couple of days where we didn’t even bother leaving the hotel grounds!

When we did venture out, we found that Nerja is an amazing place. It’s really friendly, and the surrounding landscape and sea make it a spectacular place to travel around. There are loads of restaurants which are family friendly, and the restaurant at the hotel itself does really good food. I would recommend Nerja and the Hotel Los Arcos to anyone that has a family but doesn’t want to have to re-mortgage their home for a holiday. We enjoyed every minute of our stay, and our first choice hotel for a family holiday is Los Arcos in Nerja.


Special places to stay in Nerja

This week, we wanted to talk about special places to stay in Nerja. Arguably, all the places to stay in Nerja could be described as special places to stay in Nerja, because Nerja itself is a special place. But there’s one special place that we’ve got our mind on, and we’ll come to that in due course.

Special Places

Spain boasts many special places. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville… And of course, Nerja. Not so well known as its bigger cousins, it still has a lot to recommend it as a special place to visit. Not least, the weather. Nestled on the south coast, between the glittering Mediterranean and the stunning mountains of the Sierra de Almijara, Nerja benefits from its own little micro-climate that gives it the best all-round weather in Europe.

Special Places in Nerja

Once here, visitors are able to explore all the special places in and around our lovely town. The famous Nerja Caves are the best-known attraction, and are worth a trip to Nerja on their own. Only discovered in 1959, their wonders include the world’s largest stalagmite.

There’s also the wonderful view from the Balcón de Europa, and the remarkable view of the amazing Roman aqueduct.

Special Places to Stay in Nerja

It is true, as we said, that special places to stay in Nerja are not hard to come by, simply because Nerja is so lovely. We do, however, believe that of all the special places to stay in Nerja, one is even more special than the rest.

Hotel Los Arcos is such a special place that many choose to make it their special place to stay every year. What makes it so special? Some say it’s the fantastic restaurant, Braseria Iberica, that serves delicious gourmet tapas dishes from its extensive and reasonably priced menu, every day. Some say it’s the rooms, with their cosy but contemporary decor and no shortage of creature comforts.

Most agree, however, that the thing that makes Los Arcos so special is the atmosphere. Family run, set away from the noise and crowds of the beaches, with its lovely pool and vibrant bar, Hotel Los Arcos stands apart as a really special place to stay in the really special place that is Nerja. Experience the specialness yourself, why don’t you, and check availability now.

Feria in Nerja 2014 – You Know You Want To

Feria in Nerja  – You Know You Want To

Don’t even try to pretend you’re not interested. No one will believe you.

Feria in Nerja 

What’s that you say? A feria? In Nerja? In 2014? Why, that’s this very year! Yes indeed. Try as we might to resist having another party, we’ve succumbed. It’s a Spain thing. It’s a Nerja thing. We just love life. And why shouldn’t we? Nerja’s lovely. There’s lots to celebrate, every day. So sometimes, we like to make it official, and celebrate for several days in a row, with food, drink, and dancing. Lots of dancing.

What actually is it?

It’s the “Feria de la Virgen de las Angustias y San Miguel”. You’re glad you asked. Essentially, Feria in Nerja 2014 will consist of five days of relentless partying, primarily involving food, drink and music, but including some general mayhem thrown in for good measure. It’s a major event in Nerja, and people consider it important to ‘be seen’.

If you’re in Nerja at Feria time, you’ll know when it’s time to start partying. The rockets will tell you. At 10am. Every morning. Whether or not you’re nursing a headache (not a hangover though, no no no no no), you’ll be cajoled into stepping into your dancing trousers and joining in the festivities by very, very loud rockets. That’s how we roll.

Tell me more

Okay. There’s a big fairground, with the usual attractions. Around the outside, there are ‘casitas’, which are large marquees containing a variety of activities. These will include flamenco dancing, star turns from well-known people, and the election of the belle of the ball – the ‘Feria Queen’.

In each casita you’ll find plenty to eat and drink. You’ll also find plenty of fashion advice. People can’t resist dressing up during the Feria, so keep your eyes open and make sure you nail this year’s flamenco look.

I think I want my bed

That’s fine; all this partying can be exhausting. Hotel Los Arcos is perfectly located just outside of earshot of the festivities. It’s only a three minute taxi ride, or a 12 minute walk away from the action, so you can let yourself go with abandon, but rein yourself back in with ease. And you won’t be kept awake all night.

Go on then. You know you want to. Check our room availability now.


A Culture of Family: Holidays in Nerja

What’s important to Spanish people? Lots of things, obviously, same as anyone else. But there are three passions that stand out in particular, that we can call the three ‘Fs’: Food, football, and family.

Family values

Family usually comes first in Spain, and this includes the extended family as well as the nuclear. Families stick together and support each other in all sorts of ways, as well as getting together frequently to enjoy the food and the football.

This extends to attitudes towards children. The Spanish love children, and are very tolerant of boisterous behavior. Children are generally allowed to be children, so no one really minds a bit of noise and running around. It’s all part of la vida.

Family holidays in Nerja

Even for Spain, Nerja is a particularly family-friendly town, so family holidays in Nerja are usually a relaxing, easy going affair. If you’re a parent of children who like to run around in restaurants – and how many children do you know who don’t like to do that? – it’s much easier to enjoy your meal when no one else is batting an eyelid. In Nerja we’ve even got restaurants on the beach, so the kids can play in the sand while you munch your prawns.

Lots of things to do

Family holidays in Nerja wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the amazing caves. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll love your visit. Then there’s the Roman aqueduct, the mountains, the beaches … Older kids can do frighteningly active stuff like jet-skiing, and you can watch them through your fingers, wincing at every wave.

Family-Friendly Hotel Los Arcos

When you’ve decided to take your family holidays in Nerja you’ll want to stay at a place where the culture of family is as ubiquitous as it is elsewhere in the town. The family-run Hotel Los Arcos is the perfect place. We know how important family is, and we do our best to make sure every member of every family that visits us has a great holiday. Come and have your family holidays in Nerja with us, and let us treat your family as if it were our own. Check availability, and enjoy a stress-free family holiday.

Procession of the Virgen del Carmen in Nerja

The Virgin Mary is a very popular lady in many parts of the world, as you might imagine. She has various incarnations, but the only one we need concern ourselves with here is that of ‘Santa Maria in Monte Carmelo’, also known as Virgen del Carmen, or ‘Our Lady of Carmen’. A fiesta takes place in her honour in many coastal areas of Spain on July 16, as she is the patron saint of mariners and fishermen.

Nerja celebrates Virgen del Carmen

On the evening of July 15, in the Church of El Salvadore, the Peña Nerjeña choir sing in honour of Virgen del Carmen. Offerings of prayers and flowers are made.

On the 16th at 6pm there’s another service at the same church, which is located near the stunning Balcon de Europa. An effigy of the Virgen del Carmen is then decorated with flowers, and escorted by local devotees to the beach. The locals are dressed in nautical attire, as befitting the patron saint of mariners and fishermen.

On arrival at the sea, the effigy is placed upon a boat, also covered in flowers, and escorted along the coast by a flotilla until it arrives at La Calahonda beach, where it regains the land and is returned, safely and with dignity, to the Church of El Salvadore, where celebrations are brought to a conclusion with a fireworks display.

Party Party

It wouldn’t be Nerja without a party though, would it? The ‘Moraga’ takes place on the evening of the 17th. At the Plaza de los Cangrejos, towards the eastern end of La Torrecilla beach, the Virgen del Carmen is tempted by the smell of barbecuing sardines wafting on the summer breeze. She would certainly approve of the delicious food being offered for free. She might not approve of drinks being offered for a measly €1.50 though. But we do like to party in Nerja, as regular readers of this blog will already be well aware.

Celebrate with us

If you miss it this year, you could still make it for next year. Well, if you read this before the 17th you could still make it for the Moraga this year! What are you waiting for? Check availability, and maybe you could be joining in the fun.



Something a bit different

This week, instead of us writing about our lovely little hotel in Nerja, we thought we’d ask one of our guests to write a review for us instead. In fact, they offered to do it, having enjoyed their stay so much, so it seemed like the right thing to do. Here it is…

“The best hotel in Nerja”

We had friends that lived in Nerja, so we came over and visited a few years ago. We fell in love with the place. We started to have our annual holiday here, but never needed to look for a hotel in Nerja because we always stayed with our friends. Then, a few months ago they moved back to the UK for work. We thought about going somewhere else for our holiday, but decided we loved the place so much we’d probably have a better holiday staying at a hotel in Nerja than a hotel anywhere else.

We asked our friends if they knew of anywhere, and they suggested the Hotel Los Arcos. They’d heard good things about it from people they’d spoken to who’d been staying there. So we booked ourselves in, not really knowing what to expect.

Well, it was almost as if we’d been staying at our friends’ place. It really felt like a home from home. All the staff were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The room we had was so comfortable, and very nicely decorated. It had a lovely terrace too, and it was only a standard room. Next time we’ll go for one of the ‘superior rooms‘ though – just for a bit of extra luxury!

The restaurant was amazing. We loved the food, and it’s not too expensive. We did go and eat out a few times, but when we ate at the restaurant we agreed it was just as good as anywhere else.

We loved the hotel so much, we wanted to write this review as a favour to them, but also to anyone else who is looking for a hotel in Nerja and doesn’t know where to start. We recommend you start, and finish, at the Hotel Los Arcos.

All the best, Bill and Sue

Isn’t that lovely? That’s just one couple’s opinion though. There are lots of good reviews on TripAdvisor too. Why not try us for yourself? Book a room now.

Escape the Paparazzi with an Apartment in Nerja

They get everywhere, don’t they? You’ll be minding your own business, on a Mediterranean terrace, rubbing suntan lotion into the silky-smooth skin of a loved-one, and suddenly a head with a camera attached to it will pop up over a nearby hedge and take a picture. Next thing you know, your intimate moment of togetherness is splashed over every front page. It’s happened to us all.

What you need is the privacy afforded by our self-catering apartment in Nerja.

At our apartment in Nerja, privacy comes as standard

If you’ve booked a stay at our self-catering apartment in Nerja, it might well be because you want to get away from it all with a selection of your closest family and friends, and enjoy a bit of privacy. You will not be disappointed. It’s part of the hotel, but is accessed from the pool area, and there are bamboo screens to prevent anyone from peering into your lovely big terrace. The other good thing about that, of course, is that you can access the lovely Hotel Los Arcos pool directly from your terrace.

Comfort to rival any other apartment in Nerja

Our self-catering apartment has three bedrooms: One with a lovely comfy double bed, and two with equally comfy twin beds. There’s a well-equipped kitchen, a modern and stylish bathroom, and a lovely terrace with sunbeds and a table for al fresco dining. If you don’t fancy venturing out into Nerja of an evening (those paparazzi are waiting around every corner), there’s a plasma screen TV to keep you entertained.

Other reasons to stay

If you’re brave enough to risk ending up on the cover of Closer magazine, venturing out into Nerja will definitely be a rewarding experience. There’s so much to see and do here. Our self-catering apartment in Nerja is the perfect place from which to explore the Nerja caves, the Balcón de Europaand the spectacular Roman aqueduct, as well as the lovely beaches.

If you get fed up of cooking for yourself, there’s La Braseria Iberica, our excellent restaurant, just a stone’s throw from your apartment. Tempted? It’s a no-brainer; check availability and enjoy a relaxing and private holiday in our apartment in Nerja.

A Cheap Wedding in NerjaPosted June 29, 2014



A Cheap Wedding in Nerja

A cheap wedding in Nerja. Is there something off-putting about that phrase? Does it sound unappealing? Why?

It can’t be the ‘wedding’ part. Unless you’re having second thoughts. You’re not having thoughts though, are you? Are you? Really? I thought you loved me … What was that? You do! Great! So it’s not the ‘wedding’ part then. It can’t be the ‘Nerja’ part either. Nerja’s just lovely. So it’s the ‘cheap’ bit. I thought as much.

Cheap doesn’t have to be cheap

How did ‘cheap’ get such a bad reputation? Here’s how: ‘Cheap shot’; ‘talk is cheap’; ‘cheap and nasty’; ‘life is cheap’ … It’s been co-opted by all sorts of negative phrases. It didn’t stand a chance.

Let’s reclaim ‘cheap’

“Low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services.” That’s what ‘cheap’ means, so that’s what a cheap wedding in Nerja is, in a nutshell. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? A cheap wedding in Nerja could be better than an expensive wedding somewhere else. So let’s reclaim the word ‘cheap’, and let it mean what it’s supposed to. So. How does a cheap wedding in Nerja work at the Hotel Los Arcos?

This is how

For starters, our wedding package includes a free weekend for you come and stay at the hotel and get things organised. It’ll be between November and March, but winter isn’t bad here. We can organise everything for your wedding at very competitive (i.e. cheap) prices, and your free weekend can include us introducing you to our local suppliers, so you can be happy that the hairdressing, cars and music will all be taken care of.

It’s all about the reception though, isn’t it? We’ve designed a selection of great menus for you to choose from. The starters include “Sole Rolls filled with King Prawns, infused with Champagne & Parmesan au gratin”. Your cheap wedding in Nerja doesn’t sound so cheap now, does it? As for the bar, you can choose to pay per bottle, per person, or per drink, so it’ll pay to know the drinking habits of your guests!

Seriously, we offer a cheap wedding in Nerja that will feel anything but cheap. If you’d like to find out more about our excellent value wedding offer, go right ahead and contact us now.

A hotel in Nerja to call homePosted June 19, 2014


A hotel in Nerja to call home

To a real gastronome, cooking when on holiday can be so much more exciting than cooking at home. You’ve got to get used to an unfamiliar appliance, for a start. One cooker’s Gas Mark 6 is another cooker’s 200 degrees… Oven temperature roulette is an unavoidable game of chance for the travelling cook. But that’s only part of the fun.

Self-catering in Nerja

If you’re staying at a hotel in Nerja, eating out all the time can be an expensive business. The menu del dia might look like a bargain at first, and it probably is, but every day, for a week or more, for four to six people… The alternative is self-catering. It might sound dull, but it’s anything but. Food shopping in a foreign territory can be an exciting business. Especially when you’re buying fish fresh from the Mediterranean, and fruit and veg grown in Southern Spanish soil. Smell those tomatoes. Fondle that fennel. Mmmmmm…

How to buy food in Nerja

We’ve got supermarkets here. Yes, I know, I know. You wanted quaint, olde worlde Spain. You’ll find that here as well. But it’s the 21st Century here too, and we also need to buy paperclips occasionally. And soy sauce. So we have supermarkets, where you’ll be able to find many of the things you’re used to at home, including some nice wine and beer. For fresh stuff though, we’d suggest Going Native.

Lots of people here have allotments and vegetable patches where they grow their own food, and the council lets them sell it. Wander around some of the residential streets and you’ll see crates of freshly picked or dug seasonal fruit and veg for sale from people’s houses. Look no further for your quaint, olde worlde Spain.

We’ve also got some very good fishmongers and butchers in town, but make sure you get there early to get the best specimens.

A hotel in Nerja to cater for yourself

At Hotel Los Arcos we’ve got a self-catering apartment that will form the perfect setting for your Mediterranean cookery odyssey. It accommodates up to six people so you can bring plenty of friends or family to show off your skills to.

And when you’re too tired to cook, there’s our excellent restaurant to fill in for you. Our self-catering apartment is waiting for you, so go ahead and check availability.

La Braseria Iberica

Are you hungry? You will be in about two minutes’ time, or however long it takes to read this piece about one of the best restaurants in Nerja – La Braseria Iberica.

If you’re ever looking for a restaurant in Nerja – and who isn’t from time to time? – you should try this one first. Despite being quite a large restaurant, it still manages to be really cosy. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and when the weather’s nice (which it nearly always is here) you can sit on the terrace.

Of course, the thing that makes La Braseria Iberica one of the best restaurants in Nerja is the menu. Of course, it’s all about the food! Go to any restaurant in Nerja and you’ll find much to tempt, but here the temptation is taken to a whole new level. For example:

“King prawns infused in Champagne, bechamel and parmesan au gratin

“Beef escalope topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms & crispy bacon”

“Grilled rosada seasoned with olive oil & parsley on a bed of vegetables”

“Bizcocho con salsa caliente de caramelo y nueces con helado de vainilla”

Don’t like the sound of that last one? Don’t worry, it’s sticky toffee pudding. Vegetarians are well catered for too – many of the starters and ‘gourmet tapas’ dishes are vegetarian, and portion sizes are generous.

Unlike at many restaurants in Nerja, the prices at La Braseria Iberica are very friendly. Starters are all €3.99, gourmet tapas dishes are all €4.99, and desserts are all €4.25. Main courses range between €11.75 and €19.50, but then you’d expect to pay more for beef fillet than rosada fillet. What’s rosada? It’s a delicious, flaky fish with a slight blush. The presentation of all dishes is artfully done, and the flavour is extremely delicious.

What really sets La Braseria Iberica apart from every other restaurant in Nerja is that it’s attached to the Hotel Los Arcos. It may well be the jewel in the hotel’s crown. The hotel and restaurant both share the same contemporary yet cosy feel, as well as the same eye for detail.

If you get your skates on, you could get here in time for dinner this evening, or maybe lunch tomorrow, depending on what time of day you’re reading. But please do check room availability first – you’ll need a lie-down after three or four very generous courses!

Family Holidays in NerjaPosted June 4, 2014


Happy Children = Happy Parents – Family Holidays in Nerja

Holidays can feel like really hard work if you’ve got unhappy children with you. Every sigh of boredom weighs on your shoulders like an over-stuffed rucksack. When you finally get home, you want to go straight back on holiday again – on your own. If you’re nodding sadly in recognition of this scenario, chances are you never took your family holidays in Nerja.

Activities for all ages

You know what they say: A child who is tired of feeding donkeys is tired of life. Alright, maybe they don’t actually say that (although they do say an awful lot of things, so it’s possible…), but feeding donkeys at the sanctuary here in Nerja is just one of many things your children will probably enjoy doing. If they’re of an age where they’re still fascinated in the world around them rather than the apps on their phone, then there are some amazing places to go that they will love. Family holidays in Nerja would not be complete without a trip to the fantastic caves, for example. Then there’s the Balcón de Europa, the Roman Aqueduct, the beautiful mountains, and the sea of course. If the children are a bit older they might prefer to be more active with a bit of jet-skiing – and they can!

Family-friendly Nerja

It’s all about family in Spain and Nerja is no exception. Most of the restaurants love to accommodate children and many have kids’ menus. On Burriana beach there are restaurants right on the sand, so the kids can run about and play while parents sink a crafty bottle of wine. In the town centre there’s flamenco dancing and Spanish guitar music so the whole family can experience a bit of nightlife. The place is always buzzing!

The perfect hotel for family holidays in Nerja

So, now you’ve decided to spend your family holidays in Nerja, you’ll need a particularly family-friendly hotel. Hotel Los Arcos is not only family-friendly, it’s family run, so we know exactly what you need to make your holiday perfect. Good-sized rooms with lovely terraces, comfy beds, a beautiful pool and delicious food in our restaurant for those occasions when you don’t want to venture too far. There’s even a self-catering apartmentthat’s just perfect for families – you can bring Grandma along too!

So why not book your family holidays in Nerja now – check our availability, and start looking forward to a boredom-free family holiday!

Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014Posted May 28, 2014


Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that we love a good party here in Nerja. We’ve got the Fiesta San Isidro which happened not too long ago. It was great! We’ve got the Fiesta San Juan coming up – that’s going to be brilliant as well. Not content with those, we’ve found another excuse for a party.

Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014

Fiesta Blanca is a relatively new event as the first one was held in 2008. It gets bigger every year, and we’re looking forward to Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014 being the biggest yet.

Those of you with a smattering of Spanish will know that Fiesta Blanca means ‘white party’. The idea is that people turn up dressed all in white – don’t worry if you accidentally left a red T-shirt in your whites wash though, you won’t be the only one not in ‘uniform’!

The action will take place on the beach (of course) on 14 August, with a specially constructed stage for the live music that will keep party-goers dancing from 10pm until the wee small hours. El Salon beach will be festooned with torches, and with everyone (well, nearly everyone) dressed all in white there will be a magical and unique atmosphere.

A party for all

There’s no age limit for dancing long into tomorrow, so Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014 is likely to attract people of all ages. There will be several places along the beach to find refreshments if rediscovering your disco moves has left you a little breathless. If you’ve got young children, you can still come along for a while – it’s a child-friendly event (although they probably won’t want to stay up all night!).

When you can dance no more you’ll want somewhere nice and comfortable to rest your head. As usual we’d recommend you spend a few days in Nerja to relax and visit a few attractions. And, as usual, we’d recommend you stay at Hotel Los Arcos – close enough to the beach that you won’t have far to walk, but far enough away that the music won’t keep you awake! Have a look at our room availability, and make Fiesta Blanca in Nerja 2014 a party you will remember for the rest of your life!

A view to a chill – the best accommodation in Nerja

James Bond spent a bit of time in Cadiz, but to our knowledge he never ventured from there east to Nerja. A pity for him; he wouldn’t have been shaken, but would surely have been stirred (in a good way) on discovering the Hotel Los Arcos, our lovely family-run hotel that offers the best accommodation in Nerja. A perfect place to relax.

Licence to Chill

Whether you’re here ‘on Her Majesty’s secret service’ or just for a holiday, you’ll love our rooms so much that you might not want to venture too far away from the hotel, at least at first. (That might be it for the James Bond references, but we’ll see how it goes; you never know).

Even our ‘standard’ rooms are gorgeous, and provide accommodation in Nerja that is hard to beat. They boast good-sized terraces affording beautiful, panoramic views of sea and mountains. They contain all of the things you’d expect in a hotel room, such as a kettle, TV, and safe box; plus there’s a fridge, DVD player, ceiling fan, and free internet access. They’re decorated in a very contemporary manner, all clean lines and bold colours, but they feel comfortable and relaxing.

The superior rooms are, as you’d expect, like the standard rooms but with brass knobs on. So the terraces are bigger – some of the terraces even have showers, so you can cool off without having to go back inside! And when you do go back in, the rooms are bigger too.


Accommodation in Nerja for the whole family

If there are a few of you, our self-catering apartment might be right up your street. With one double room and two twin rooms it’ll comfortably sleep up to six people, and it also has a private entrance, a large patio perfect for al fresco dining, and all the other creature comforts you’d expect in a home from home.

Oh, and Nerja’s really nice too

Oh yes, so focused on the rooms, nearly forgot to mention Nerja itself. It’s lovely. Lots of picturesque beaches, mountains etc. But you’ll discover all that for yourself. You only live once (well, that was nearly a James Bond reference), so why not treat yourself to the best accommodation in Nerja, and check availability now?


Jumping Bonfires – Fiesta San Juan in Nerja 2014Posted May 17, 2014

Jumping Bonfires – Fiesta San Juan in Nerja 2014

All saints have their day, and San Juan (St John the Baptist) enjoys his on June 24. He’s a popular chap in Spain, old San Juan, and happily, June 24 coincides quite nicely with midsummer. Not exactly coincides, but close enough. So June 23, Saint John’s Day’s Eve, is a perfect excuse for a good party. Not that we need an excuse in Spain.

What better thing to celebrate than the beginning of summer? And what better way to celebrate it than by camping on a beach overnight, with barbecues and bonfires? And music. And wine. You get the picture. Think Guy Fawkes, but on a beach. Burning effigies? Check. Food cooked on an open fire? Check – but it’s sardines, not jacket potatoes. If you don’t fancy barbecuing your own sardines (and why would you? you’re on holiday!), don’t worry because you’ll be able to find any number of local bars that will be happy to barbecue some for you.

Once you’ve enjoyed your fill of sardines, wine and music, you might have sins that you feel the need to cleanse. Or you might not. Either way, at midnight it’s customary to take a little dip into the sea, to wash away the sins. You can also jump over a bonfire for good luck. Care should be taken to ensure that your choice of bonfire is diminutive enough in stature to ensure that your luck does not turn bad extremely quickly.

It should be pointed out that camping on a beach in Nerja is frowned upon any other night of the year, so if you’re going to come to Nerja at this time, and you don’t want to miss out on all the other lovely things our town has to offer, you’ll need a place to stay. Indeed, if you don’t want to be kept awake all night on the 23rd by the incessant music, singing, and cries of pain as people singe themselves jumping over bonfires, you’ll need a nice soft bed to collapse onto.

Hotel Los Arcos is far enough away from the beach that you won’t be kept awake all night, but close enough for you to stroll down there the next day to relive the fun of the previous night, and watch the survivors dust themselves down. Best book soon though – why not check our availability now?

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Hotel Los Arcos – amongst the hotels in Nerja TripAdvisor recommendsPosted May 6, 2014

TripAdvisor recommends

TripAdvisor is often the first port of call for many people when planning a holiday, or looking for a place to stay. People like to run with the pack, and find it really useful to look at the opinions of their peers when deciding on a resort, airline or hotel. Reading one review by a professional reviewer might not tell us much, but looking at an average score from over 200 reviews by people like us can tell us much more.

How do we score?

Over half of the people that have reviewed our hotel on TripAdvisor have rated us ‘excellent’. That’s a score of five out of five. That means that more than half of our customers can find nothing wrong with us! We’re one of the hotels in Nerja that TripAdvisor subscribers have singled out as among the best.

Why are we one of the hotels in Nerja TripAdvisor reviewers love?

“Not a five star hotel but five star service”.

“Staff are very helpful and the restaurant is simply fantastic!”

“It is a real gem of a hotel!!”

These are some of the things that recent reviewers of our hotel had to say. It makes us very proud that people are so moved by their stay with us that they take the time to write such nice comments.

Have a look at what people have written. They love the large balconies and terraces that open out onto lovely views of the sea or the mountains. They love our restaurant, with its tempting menu of dishes that our chefs cook to perfection every single day. They love the superior roomsbut they also love the standard rooms as well. The reason why we’re one of the hotels in Nerja that TripAdvisor recommends is a combination of all of these things.

Love Nerja, love our hotel

It’s very difficult to be in a bad mood in this lovely town. All that sunshine, the sea breeze, the beautiful mountains… It’s easy to love Nerja. Our ethos is to make sure that our guests love our hotel too, to help them love Nerja even more and want to come back again and again. Of all the hotels in Nerja TripAdvisor lists, we think we’re the one you can rely on. So why hesitate? Why not go ahead and check our room availability? We think you’ll give us five out of five too.