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Nuria Fergó: "Nerja is a paradise. Because of the weather, its people and its corners "

Nuria Fergó is a great ambassador of Nerja in the world , and that is why she is the protagonist of our last interview. Nuria, who was working in Miami , goes through stages singing and acting without forgetting who she is, where she comes from and where she wants to go. La Fergó will always be nerjeña, and she is wearing it with a lot of pride.

Nuria Fernández Gómez (Nerja, Málaga, April 18, 1979), artistically known as Nuria Fergó , was announced in the first edition of the Operación triunfo 2001 contest. We begin to know her better.

Interview with Nuria Fergó - Hotel los Arcos de NerjaInterview with Nuria Fergó - Hotel los Arcos de Nerja
  • Many Spaniards met Nuria Fergó through Operación Triunfo. But in Nerja we knew her much earlier. How was Nuria's career before reaching OT and after? And nowadays?

Very gratifying. From my beginnings, singing in charity galas in my town to make myself known, like today. Happy, because I do what I like and it's my way of life.

  • Is Nerja very different where you grew from today? What are the best memories you keep of your town?

Yes. Before it was more people ... now there are many people. I remember when I played in the street with my friends. That has already been lost with so much technology.

  • What do you respond to who asks you: how is Nerja?

I always say that Nerja is a paradise. Because of the weather, its people, its streets, its corners. My mouth fills up.

  • What places of Nerja would you recommend to visit in order of importance.

Balcón de Europa, Cuevas de Nerja, the coves, streets, Los Cahorros, tapas route ...

  • What do you think is the best time of year to visit Nerja? Why?

Less summer, any season of the year (laughs). In summer Nerja is full.
  • Do you have a favorite place in Nerja that you always like to come back to?

Yes. The Balcony of Europe.

  • Have your friends from Operación Triunfo already visited you in Nerja?

Yes, everyone who has been able to visit me.

  • Did you also grow up dreaming of being part of the Blue Summer gang? What has that series given to your people?

Uh, I was a year old when it was shot, but I have to admit that I've seen it every year that they repeated it on television. I even have all the chapters purchased. Thanks to the series, people know our town, and now also by Nuria Fergó (laughs again).
  • What you like the most and what you like least about Nerja.

What I like most about Nerja is the quality of life. And the least, that is a town and I can not live in it at this time because of my work, and that makes me angry, since I have all my family there.

  • And our gastronomy? Do you miss her for example now that you are in Miami working?

Oh yes! As in our country, nowhere. Mediterranean diet always!

  • What would you say to the tourist who still does not know Nerja?

What is taking to come! The one that comes repeats. Checked.


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